• Multicultural Music Project


              Students will work in groups of four or five to create a report on a foreign country.  Several items must be included in the report. 

    1.     Clothing- describe the traditional dress of the country including pictures.

    2.    Food- list types of food associated with the country including the recipe for one traditional main dish or dessert.

    3.    Instruments- list some instruments that are used in traditional music from the country.  Include a picture of each instrument.  If possible, bring in a sample of some traditional music.

    4.    Special holidays- describe the major holidays celebrated in the country including what the history of the holidays are and how they are traditionally celebrated.  Include pictures.

    5.    Special music- print the lyrics to one traditional holiday song and include the history of the song.  Who wrote it, when it was written and how it was used.


    These facts will be compiled in a power point to be presented to the class at the end of the unit.  Students may bring food to share with the class.  Clothing, instruments and other cultural extras are also allowed.  Students may bring items to the music room on the morning of their presentation so they will be safe.  All reports will be worked on in class and presented on Wednesday, May 23rd.