• 7th Grade General Music


    1.      Notebook – to be graded

    2.     Class participation

    3.     Written projects

    4.     Written and performance tests


    1.     Attitude/Participation Grade: This grade is based on your attitude toward class work and yourcontributions to class discussions.

    2.     Written Tests: There will be several written tests including a pre-test and post-test.

    3.     Performance Tests: There will be some tests that are based on performance ofactivities.  These will be in the form ofrubrics.  (piano, guitar, percussioninstruments, etc.)

    4.     Written Projects: There will be some written projects. There will be a persuasive argument about genre, a written project forWest Side Story, and there may also be a written project about a performer.

    5.     Notebooks: Everyone will be given a notebook. The notebooks will be stored in the music room.  Students will be responsible for keepinghandouts, tests and other items in the notebook.

    Classroom Rules

    There willbe a class meeting at the beginning of the year to set up rules, incentives andconsequences.