Carry forward and reinforce/practice PK computer skills AND


    Kindergarten scope and sequence:

     Learn to L-Click through a series of links to get to [website activity links] on Ms. McCutcheon school website.

    Learn where the (1) row of numbers and (3) rows of letters are on the keyboard using ABCya's "keyboard challenge" activity.

    Letter tracing activity, further develops proper handling of the mouse to create good control of it

    Reinforce “username and password” vocabulary at login screens and login to multiple programs with increased fluency


    Introduction to writing (typing) with the “word” program

    Open a blank word document

    Wrte a 2-line heading on a Word document



    introduce “show/hide” button option on the ribbon and how it toggles on/off

    Tab key

    tabbing is used in the heading to space information on the left side of the page away from the right

    Space bar

    spacee are used between each word in the heading

    Enter key

    enter is used to advance from the first line in the heading to the second line

    Undo button

    introduce the "undo" button on the ribbon and how it functions


    Vocabulary to add:

    1.       Hide/Show

    2.       Tab Key (in a Word document)

    3.       Space Bar (in a Word document)

    4.       Enter Key (in a Word document)

    5.       Undo Button (in a Word program)

    6.       2=line heading