• Pre-Kindergarten scope and sequence:

    Introduce a computer mouse and the Proper hand position for holding it

    L-Click on the mouse

    R-Click on the mouse

    Sign out of the computer (control, alt, delete and L-Click on "sign out")

                                         (pink, yellow, green, Countdown 3, then L-click)

    Introduce “flashing cursor” and it’s purpose, train the eye to look for it

    Login screen introduced

    Write (type) Login username and password into the computer at the login screen

    Letters and numbers are provided, students match letters and number with keys on keyboard (do not emphasize username and password vocabulary yet)


    Arrow keys (are not delete keys, but rather keys to maneuver cursor around)

    Arrow keys are introduced to Pre-K to edit username and password mistakes

    Backspace key (backs up or backs out a character)

    Backspace key is introduced to Pre-K to edit username and password mistakes

    Enter key is pushed (vs. L-Clicking on the submit button on the login screen)

    L-Click out of a pop-up menu box if r-click is accidentally pushed


    Properly placing mouse on cabinet keyboard tray to reduce clicking errors

    Accessing the Internet, and maneuvering around

    ·         Back button

    ·         Scrolling with scroll bar on the screen and wheel on the mouse

    ·         Proper left clicking to open links

    Number recognition reinforced -- Activities are numbered on my website and students are directed to click on the appropriate “numbered” activity

    Counting is reinforced as students count from the bottom of a column of teacher names to get to mine (they have counted to 4 and then to 5, move my name moved from the 4th position to the 5th)

    first letter in a word is reinforced—students click through a serious by recognizing the first letter of a word

    Open an online video, minimize/maximize, close by L-Clicking on the x

    Adjust volume

    Expose to keyboard with ABCya's "keyboard challenge" activity

    Practices [location of letters and numbers on the keyboard. Guided instruction on layout of keys on the keyboard.  I am drawing student eyes to the 3 rows of letters.  It is only pointed out that the (3) rows of letters keys are surrounded by other keys.


    1)      L-Click

    2)      R-Click

    3)      Flashing Cursor

    4)      Screen

    5)      User name

    6)      Password

    7)      Edit

    8)      Scroll

    9)      Tab

    10)    Enter

    11)   Backspace