Carry forward and reinforce/practice PK and K computer skills AND


    Shift key to capitalize a letter

    Caps lock key (toggle on/off)

    Number lock key (toggle on/off)

    Delete key (eliminates characters to the right of the cursor)

    Spell check (using the spell check button and r-click on misspelled word and select correct spelling from a list)


    Expose to some typing-lessons with the Typing.com program

    Continue building upon guiding-question words knowledge

    • with the guiding question words: 1 Who and 1 What


    Visually, introduce a word-bank graphic organizer (Word document) to document key words for a simple main idea: 1-who + 1-what key words

    Guided internet research using a, video or storybook to identify 1-who and 1-what key words for the teacher to type into a color-coded graphic organizer

    Write typed report that includes 1-line heading, who paragraph, and what paragraph

    Students will not be expected to create their own Who and What paragraphs at this grade level.  The paragraphs will be created in a whole class discussion and the teacher will document the paragraphs as a result of the discussion.  Then, a copy will be printed and given to the students to type from, which includes the view with the “show/hide” option toggled on so they can see the proper spacing, tabbing, and entering.

    Comma key

    Question mark key

    Exclamation mark key

    I will guide the students during the writing portion for a simple main idea to include these marks in the written response.


    Vocabulary to add as a result of viewing the state computer test:

    1. Written response

    2. End marks, punctuation