Carry forward and reinforce/practice PK, K and 1 computer skills AND


    Open multiple Word documents from a shared drive

    Recognize and click between -- Read mode vs. Print Layout vs. Web Layout

    View multiple documents in miniature view on task bar

    Save documents in a shared drive

    Introduce a text box in a Word document

    resize text box, move text box, write in text box  

    Write key words in a graphic organizer, which includes typing in text boxes

    Select text

    Highlighting text

    Copy/paste text

    Open/close multiple word documents

    Save as” multiple word documents

    Esc key (to turn off highlighter function)


    Continue building upon guiding-question words knowledge

    • with the guiding question words: Who What Where, When, How

    The guiding question words are organized, though to fit together like a puzzle, with a focused thought.  At this grade level, there is:

    1-Who + 1 What = simple main idea

    Where, When and How are the supporting details for the simple main idea

    Students will access their own documents from a shared drive: “note catcher,” “written response” and “internet source copy”

    Documenting on a note catcher:

    Students will select and copy key words and key word phrases from an internet source document (text will be color coded by me) and paste them in the appropriate text boxes on a color-coded note catcher--one text box for each guiding question

    Documenting a written response:

    Students will use the key words on the note catcher to write in complete sentences/paragraphs in a written response

    The written response will include paragraphs.  Students will be writing paragraphs describing the who, what happened, where it happened, when it happened, and how it happened (a focused response)

    The written response could be written in one paragraph; however, the separate paragraphs will build skills in three ways

    1. Practice formatting text into paragraphs

    2. Practice writing focused paragraphs around a guiding question word

    3. Students can visually see the quantity of evidence/detail

    Sentence starters will be provided to students with writer’s block.  Below are some examples:

    When it happened was at……

    Where it happened was on…

    How it happened was first…., then……, next……, finally……..

    Reinforcing the use of transition words with practical application, like those above.


    Introduce TTL4, keyboard lesson program with some class time devoted to keyboarding

    Program/Activities on my website will be used as an incentive to finish typing tasks with quality

    Introduce State Web site with sample test questions and practice


    Vocabulary to add as a result of viewing the state computer test: