Carry forward and reinforce/practice PK, K, 1and 2 computer skills AND


    Read the login screen for the vocabulary words: username vs. password to know which entry the student is making (students are still mixing up login, especially when logging into Reflex Math)

    Continue building upon guiding-question words knowledge

    • with the guiding question words: Who What Where, When, How with fluency and enhanced writing

    The students will practice all of the skill building done in 2nd grade with writing responses, but with some fluency and more enhanced sentences

    Introduce text box with scroll for students to write their written responses in

    ELA lessons will not be taught as mini-lessons, but students will be reminded to use the language arts skills they are learning in their classrooms in their written responses, like adding adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases, etc.


    More Keyboard practice with TTL4 to keyboard fluency

    Program/Activities on my website will be used as an incentive to finish typing tasks with quality

    More State Web site with sample test questions and practice