Carry forward and reinforce/practice PK, K, 1, 2 and 3 computer skills AND

    SMART GOAL:  Build fluency using text box with scroll for students when writing their written responses. 


    Introduction to OneNote notebook

    Students will insert into their OneNote notebooks their computer class Word documents and (Power Points for 3rd graders) from 2nd and 3rd grades, and their prior work will be stored as a reference for their prior learning

    Add the guiding question word, “why” to written responses

    Add the source (citied works) section to written responses

    Students will access internet source material from the content library of their OneNote notebook—the text will be color coded like the past 2-years

    Students learn the (2) step process to save a document in OneNote: “save” and “refresh printout”


    Introduce Computer Technology OneNote Notebook

    Students will be issued a “computer technology OneNote Notebook.”  They will be taught several features of a digital notebook:

    • How to access in multiple ways (due to technology failures, students will need to learn how to access from the desktop application, iPad application, and through OneDrive)

    • How to maneuver around in the notebook, between sections, tabs within sections, and pages on a tab

    • How to copy blank documents from the content library and paste them to their section and use them

    • How to “rename” a page and “rename” a document

    • How to launch open a document (whether it’s Word, PP, or excel) and edit it, then the save and refresh process

    Introduce “MY Notebook”

    • I am discovering that teachers in other classes in grades 5-6 are assigning or starting work on an iPad by launching an app, like a PP.  This work is only stored on the iPad.  If I can teach the students to also insert their work from another class into OneNote-My Notebook, then they will have access to the PP from any computer, like a class computer sitting in the back of the room or a laptop from the cart, etc. if for any reason they do not have their iPad

    • Students will create tabs for each subject in their “my notebook” and insert documents


    Introduce an Excel document

    Students will record their daily goal and rate their level of time management for completing the goals for a class period

    The daily goal will be found in the content library and each daily goal will also contain the skills/steps needed to complete a task(s)—beginning the process of weaning students from asking the teacher for step-by-step, when they can read the step-by-step on their own

    This excel form provides a road map, or scope and sequence (it has come in very handy when students have missed a class and referred to the daily goal in the content library for the day they missed).  Record of daily goals also shows repetition of practice.


    Introduce Power Point

    Students will create a 7-slide power point presentation that provides a way to bring their written response Word document to life

    Students use their written response information in their Power Point Presentation

    They copy the key words from their note catcher to a power point in “outline view”

    (1-slide per text box)

    They copy the paragraphs from their written response to the notes section in the power point

    (1 paragraph per slide)

    Students search for the appropriate image to copy and paste to each slide guided by the key words on the slide

    i.e., an appropriate image for the when slide for when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on December 1, 1955 would be a calendar

    an appropriate image for the where slide for where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat would be a map showing Montgomery Alabama

    The students bring their written response more to life by adding a Mix.  They get their narration from the paragraphs they copied into the notes section of each slide, [that came from their written response document]—they can choose to add a video using the integrated webcam and/or microphone