Carry forward and reinforce/practice PK, K, 1, 2, 3 and 4 computer skills AND


    Storing Internet Source Material within OneNote from an Internet search

    • Students will begin this year to do their own Internet search for source material.  The source material they are looking for will provide the (evidence or details) for where, when and how a happening occurred.  It will also provide more evidence of “who” the focus of the written response is.

    • Students will Copy Internet Source Material through a screen clipping or file attachment in “student’s named section” into their notebook under the proper tab

    Write a claim

    • Claims need to be supported by evidence – this task is reinforced using the note catcher, so the students can see their evidence (in key words) and draw a conclusion that is “based on the evidence” shown on the note catcher.

    • The claim is written on the note catcher, then the evidence in the claim is color coded.  This provides a view opportunity for the students to see their own words within a claim (their opinion).

    Editing a draft

    • Students will edit their original copy of the written response and elaborate on the written response “authentically” using parts of speech, like adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, etc. to enhance the response.  Provides an opportunity to put prior classroom learning into practical application with current school related writing tasks

    Scoring the final copy

    • Students will score the final copy of their written response using a digital copy of a scoring rubric stored in their notebook

    • This task provides an opportunity to access a header, where they add text, like their name, date, report or power point name

    This task also provides an opportunity for more highlighting practice