• Physical Education Rules and Procedures

    Mr. Garrigues, Mrs. McIntosh, and Mrs. Hosmer’s


    1.       Be in the gymnasium dressed and prepared three minutes after the bell rings.  First tardy will result in a warning, second time student will receive a lunch detention.

    2.       We will not tolerate horseplay in the locker room; Use proper locker room etiquette.

    3.       Food and drink will not be allowed in the locker room or gymnasium.  All electronic devices including cell phones must be locked up in the student’s locker.

    a.      If student is caught with electronic devices in the gymnasium (cell phone) it will be taken to the office.

    b.       Breakfast is to take place in the cafeteria ONLY. If you are found in the gym/locker room eating your breakfast you will be sent out immediately. 

    4.       Senior privileges, study halls, or lunch periods don’t give you the right to interrupt a phys. ed. class.

    5.       Unacceptable language will be reported.

    6.       Please make sure you use your own locker and be sure to lock up your possessions.

    7.       Smoking or chewing in the bathrooms and in transit to athletic facilities will result in an automatic removal from class and dealt with by administration.

    8.       Be respectful to teachers/students at all times; Insubordination will not be tolerated.

    9.       Teachers WILL NOT unlock the locker rooms while teaching a class. Please plan accordingly.

    Grading Policy

    Participation and Preparation (80%) 

    Each student will receive points (0-5) daily for participation. Please see the Physical Education Rubric to see how your grade will be determined.  Each student will receive 1 pt. daily for preparation. Ex: If a student is fully prepared including t-shirt, gym shorts (not jeans or khaki shorts), and appropriate shoes they will receive 1 pt for that class period.  Daily grades will be scored out of 6 points.

    Assessments: Skill Test/Quiz, Written Assignments (20%)  

    Students will be assessed at the end of units and there will be random quizzes and written assignments given throughout the year.









    Participates for the entire class.

    Gives 100% effort based on his/her ability level.

    Has a positive attitude. Respects students & teachers.

     Leads by example.

    Respects equipment.

     Controls behavior and does not interfere with others.

        4               Student demonstrates aspects from both 5 point and 3 point criteria.





    Actively participates in  most of

    the class.

    O.K. Attitude

    Displays cooperative attitude

    in class when given cues from teacher


    Is usually aware of safety

    Implications to self and others,

    Sometimes needs reminding

          2              Student demonstrates aspects from both 3 point and 1 point criteria.





    Very little participation. Needs

    To be encouraged to get

    Involved in class activity


    Negative attitude

    Disrespectful to teacher and students


    Does not use equipment properly

    Needs reminding about safety implications to self and others

          0                                                            Does not participate in class.






    Sneakers &  athletic shorts

    Fully participation


    Sandals, Boots, Jeans, etc.

    Unable to participate and required to make-up the class period



    If a student has a medical problem, the doctor’s note should state what the student can do. Ex: If a student has a broken arm, the doctor could include that the student can walk or work out their lower body. We can modify the P.E. Program so that these students can still receive credit in our class. If the student isn’t allowed to participate, they will be assigned written work during class in the gymnasium. If there is a circumstance where the student must be removed from the gymnasium for safety reasons they will be assigned outside written work for their long term medical.  These worksheets will be posted on the school website under teacher sites, Physical Education Department page.  The student will need to access this page, click on medical reports, and choose the corresponding unit we are currently in.  It will be the student’s responsibility to turn in assignments each Friday to their teacher. 

    Make-up Classes

    If a student is absent, they need to make up their P.E. class before the end of the current unit. Once the unit ends, any class that wasn’t made up will then become a 0. Make-ups will be available anytime a student has a study hall as long as they are coming into a class that isn’t over populated. Please see your teacher before 1st period for a pass to be excused from your study hall.   If the student does not have a study hall they will be required to access the written worksheets on the website in order to make up that class.  If a student is absent due to a school related event (band lesson, field trip etc), no make-up is required.  In the event that you choose not to participate during your class time, you will be required to make up that class during the current unit, and will lose your preparation point.   

    Physical Education Rules and Procedures

    Mr. Garrigues, Mrs. McIntosh, and Mrs. Hosmer’s


    Please sign and return this portion stating that you read and understand the expectations of this course.  Student and parent/guardian signature is required.  This will be counted as your first quiz grade. 


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