• High School Physical Education Syllabus

    Mr. Grimsley and Mrs. Hosmer’s

    Physical Education Rules and Procedures


    1.       Be in the gymnasium dressed and prepared three minutes after the bell rings; Please don’t be tardy to class.

    2.       We will not tolerate horseplay in the locker room what so ever; Use proper locker room etiquette.

    3.       Electronic devices, hats, food, gum etc will not be allowed in the locker room or the gymnasium.

    4.       If you have valuables in your possession, please be sure to give them to your teacher to be locked up.

    5.       Unacceptable language will be reported.

    6.       Please make sure you use your own locker and lock it up with possessions.

    7.       Smoking or chewing in the locker room  and in transit to athletic facilities will result in an automatic removal from class and dealt with by administration.

    8.       Be respectful to teachers at all times; Insubordination will not be tolerated.


    Grading Policy

    Grades will be based on the following

    Participation (50%) 

    Each student will receive points (0-5 pts.) for participation daily. Please see the Physical Education Rubric to see how your grade will be determined.

    Preparation (30%)

    Each student will receive 1 pt. daily for preparation . Ex: If a student is fully prepared including shirt, shorts, and appropriate shoes they will receive 1 pt for that class period. It’s possible to receive partial credit. Ex: If a student comes to class with proper shoes and shorts but is wearing a dress shirt, they will receive partial credit for that class session.

    Other (Skill Test/Quiz, Written Assignments) 20%  

    Students will be assessed at the end of units and there will be random quizzes given throughout the year.


    If a student has a medical problem, the doctor’s note should state what the student can do. Ex: If a student has a broken arm, the doctor could include that the student can walk or work out their lower body. We can modify the P.E. Program so that these students can still receive credit in our class. If the student isn’t allowed to participate, they will be assigned written work during class. These worksheets will be given out by the teacher and need to be completed by the end of the class period.

    Make up Classes

    If a student is absent, they need to make up their P.E. class before the semester ends. If the class isn’t made up, it becomes a 0 for that class. Make ups will be available anytime a student has a study hall.